The objective of the “Award for Successful Enterprises” is to honour, stimulate and provide publicity for those business entities, SMEs and budding enterprises active in Hungary which are contributing to Hungarian economic growth and can serve as role models for leading an enterprise to success. 

Initiated and organized by the Ministry for National Economy, in each month since August 2013 the awards have been presented in three categories – “Investor of the Month”, “SME of the Month” and “Startup of the Month”.

Investor of the Month

Investors which significantly contribute to Hungarian economic and export growth, aim to increase the number of employees and the share of Hungarian suppliers, employ qualified and skilled labour force and have in recent months implemented a new investment project valued at a minimum of EUR 5 million may receive the “Investor of the Month” award.

SME of the Month

Enterprises that have not cut the number of their employees, have a strong payment track record, are active as innovators, exporters or suppliers, use flexible employment schemes and employ persons who are at a disadvantage on the labour market are those SMEs which may be distinguished with this award. 

Startup of the Month

Through the “Startup of the Month” award the Ministry aims to honour those companies the launching of which was preceded by conscious planning (market research, business plan, marketing plan) and which turn scientific findings into practical results, have active relations with universities or research centres, are exporters or suppliers (or plan to become a supplier in the next three years) and use flexible employment schemes.